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Best Gin Cocktails for Summer

As we approach the dog days of summer, it is time to venture beyond gin & tonics. Not that we’re against a frosty G&T – its just that there’s so much more gin can offer for summer refreshment. Light mixers let you enjoy the nuances of gin in a less alchoholic form so you can quaff a little more enthusiastically than in other seasons. So, if you’re feeling the need to explore this summer, try these five tasty treats:

1. The Floradora recommended by our friends at Hendrick’s Gin provides a refreshing mix of gin, lime and raspberry. The bitterness of the lime and raspberry complements the gin nicely, and Hendricks overlays a delightful cucumber and rose flavor on top!

2. Pimm’s & Lemon: Everyone on the other side of the pond knows about this one. As they recommend over at Pimm’s, fill a jug with some ice and add one part Pimm’s Cup to three parts lemonade. Toss in a little mint, strawberry or cucumber and your off to a refreshing, lightly alchoholic treat.

3. Gimlet: It all started when Sir Thomas O. Gimlette recommended lime juice to avoid scurvy. Sailors throughout the Empire realized that lime juice tasted better with gin. Thus, a drink was born. You can find our recipe and opinions here.

4. Aviation: The recipe is simple: 2 ounces of gin, 1/2 ounce maraschino, 1/4 ounce lemon juice, shaken or stirred.  Its the perfect drink for people who don’t like gin, because the gin becomes but a piece of a piece of a complex puzzle. Remember that shaking or stirring your drink should result in a 15-20% dilution – the dilution is important for a balance of flavors, and the Aviation can be a finicky drink.  Yum.

5. We’re not fans of drinking in the morning, but the Bubbly Pomegranate & Gin Cocktail described at Fancy Toast is absolutely fabulous. Can’t find the pomegranate molasses the recipe calls for?  We skipped the simple syrup and used a little Pom instead.

Bright, lively and flavorful, gin is the perfect summertime cocktail companion.

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