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Licorice: For Gin and a Million Other Things

Most of the botanicals used in flavoring gin are also used in herbal medicines, teas and even cosmetics. Licorice root is used for a variety of products and processes that range from curing a wide variety of ailments to enhancing tobacco. Cough medicine is one of the first everyday products that comes to mind, right after jellybeans, of course. Licorice is ...

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Cassia Bark: A Snickerdoodle for your Gin Cocktails

When you bite into that Snickerdoodle from the local bakery or sprinkle a little cinnamon on your venti mocha from the coffee shop, did it ever take you to another plane? Did you realize that some days, the days you did sprinkle on that extra touch of cinnamon that you were feeling a little bit more creative or artistic? Cinnamon, ...

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The Best Tonic Water Recipe

It’s nearly summer – and Gin & Tonic season! So, why not make your own tonic water? The Gin & Tonic has probably has the richest history of any gin beverage. Tonic water’s history in Europe dates back to the 1600’s, but it has been in use far longer by the Quechua Indians of Peru. The unique flavor of tonic water comes ...

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Juniper, Gin’s Namesake

That distinctive smell that permeates the air when a fresh bottle of gin is opened is the signature scent of juniper. Some gins like Junipero are flavored with only juniper and a lot of it, others balance it with as many as 18 or 20 other botanicals and some add so much of another flavor the juniper has to fight ...

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