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The Martini

The best known of David Embury’s six basic drinks everyone should know (the others are the Jack Rose, the Manhattan, the Old-Fashioned, the Daiquiri, and the Sidecar), the martini is synonymous in the public imagination with cocktail culture.  Neon signs depicting cocktail glasses and olives advertise cocktail lounges, and the drink is so strongly associated with that distinctive long-stemmed glass ...

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Bitters: The Negroni, Pimm’s Cup and Pink Gin

Gin has a long-attested affinity for bitter flavors. The British introduced the gin and tonic for medicinal reasons, but it’s remained one of the most popular and iconic drinks — needing little accompaniment except perhaps a wedge of fresh lime or a wheel of orange — because the coolness of the juniper and the bite of the bitterness make for ...

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Best Gin Cocktails for the Holidays

Ho Ho Ho!  Holiday cocktail time is here, and gin is perfect for the season. Uninitiated party-goers may complain that gin tastes too “piney” for them. However, this time of year that juniper flavor is perfect next to your Christmas tree. Traditional gins are best for for your holiday gin cocktails, including Tanquaray, Beefeater and even Gordons. For an extra holiday ...

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