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Review: Junipero Gin

junipero_bottleWriting a review of Junipero Gin is like writing a review of the sun. There’s not much to say.  Junipero Gin is the ultimate gin, illuminating the cocktail scene with a brilliant touchstone that all modern gins must be measured against. Drink it, and you’ll know what gin is.  And what vodka isn’t.

Let’s start with the basics: this gin is not subtle. It has been described by some as a punch in the gut. But, it is far more than that. It is no less than the American attack on London Dry Gin, combining the foundation of juniper with the enthusiasm and creativity of the New World. Yum.  The nose is subtle, hinting at juniper but mixing botanicals into a spicy blur that is simply enchanting. This gin brings you back to the days of Winston Churchill, who made his martinis by simply pouring gin into a glass and glancing across the room at a bottle of vermouth. Those were the good ol’ days.

You’ll find Junipero an excellent starting point for a strong gin & tonic. Mmmm. If you feel adventurous, go for a glass on the rocks.  Let it sit for a moment, savor the aroma and then take a sip, considering the bright future of gin.

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