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Review: Broker’s Gin

Broker’s Gin comes to you with personality. It stands out on your local retailer’s shelf with a clever little black hat on top. The hat screams out “try me – I’m not like all those bare-headed gins!” What other gin takes such fashion risk?

Nevertheless, Broker’s Gin is a vintage gin in every way. Made at a distillery near London in a copper still, it is everything a gin needs to be. The time-honored juniper basis has been skillfully blended with traditional botanicals of coriander, orris root, nutmeg, cassia bark, cinnamon, licorice, orange & lemon peel and angelica root to produce a quality product from classic ingredients. They even claim that the water comes from an underground stream beneath the distillery.

As for cocktails, this gin is perfect for traditional fare. The mouth feel is heavy – some describe it as oily.  The juniper-forward yet friendly flavor makes for a great martini and it doesn’t get buried in a gin & tonic, gimlet or negroni. Broker’s speaks gin, pure and simple. No vodka allowed.

The higher proof of Broker’s makes it ideal for mixtures that would bury many of the new gins on the market today. Prefer to make your martini wet? Broker’s doesn’t care. Did you pour a little too much bitter lemon in your glass? Broker’s can help. The bottom line is that 94 proof can help with many cocktail errors.

The virtues of this gin make its price quite remarkable, around US$20. Buy some today. And enjoy!

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