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The Best Gin Cocktails for Spring

It may not be gin & tonic time yet, but we’re well on our way.  As the crocuses bloom and we raise our heads from winter hibernation, let’s not forget that gin can add so much to springtime! Here are a few recipes that explore the green, flowery, earthy and even pastel sides of gin cocktails for spring.  Enjoy! Cucumber & ...

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The Best Tonic Water Recipe

It’s nearly summer – and Gin & Tonic season! So, why not make your own tonic water? The Gin & Tonic has probably has the richest history of any gin beverage. Tonic water’s history in Europe dates back to the 1600’s, but it has been in use far longer by the Quechua Indians of Peru. The unique flavor of tonic water comes ...

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Let’s Face It, Gin Contains Juniper

In the recent article Gin Time, Cheers Magazine reports on the increasing popularity of gin, attributing it to a combination of classic cocktails and the rise of New Western gins like Bluecoat, Beefeater 24 and Aviation.  They have it half right. Classic cocktails are the foundation of gin’s rise in popularity. Interest in all the classics like the Negroni, Pimms Cup and, of course ...

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Upside-Down Martini

Two big events last month bring the Upside-Down martini (aka Reverse Martini) front and center these days. First, the last month’s release of the movie Julie and Julia showcases the cocktail’s creator and advocate, Julia Child.  I’ve always appreciated the fact that she attributed her longevity to “red meat and gin”.  Despite her perceived benefits of gin, vermouth was a ...

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Not Your Grandfather’s Still

Chemical & Engineering News reported that gin technology took a big step forward last month. In an article published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry last month, scientists concluded that distilling gin in a high vacuum, low temperature still resulted in a gin that tasters considered “less pungent” and “more floral”.  The patented process is on its way to ...

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Why Are We Here?

We’re here because gin is underappreciated, if not insulted by the current vodka-centric cocktail generation.   Sure, gin is a neutral grain spirit, like vodka.  But that’s where the similarity ends.  There’s much more fun in gin.  Unlike vodka, it’s usually redistilled after being infused with its flavorings. In addition to the juniper berries, it’s flavored with a number of ...

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