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CapRock Organic Gin Review

CapRock Organic Dry Gin is described by Peak Spirits as “a unique blend of fruits, buds, seeds, and spices infused and distilled in a base spirit made with organic Jonathon and Braeburn apples.”  It sounds like the perfect gin for cool autumn nights. And it is. Their tagline, “Not your grandmother’s gin” is an understatement to say the least. Some describe ...

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Review: Greylock Gin

Gin may have been invented in Holland (well, jenever or genever at least), but England created the sensation across its empire. So, it’s only natural that botique gins have emerged in Massachusetts, USA. It may be the home of the American Revolution and the “cradle of liberty”, but the names of towns and cities bear the mark of the British ...

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Review: Whitley Neill Gin

Whitley Neill gin was launched this year in the United States. It was created just a couple of years ago by someone who decided to save his “deteriorating eyesight from the joy of more mind-numbing spreadsheets”. I’m glad spreadsheets can have such inspiration! This gin is “made in London” and “inspired by Africa”, bringing innovative botanicals like gooseberries and baobab ...

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